Shamwow - UMG BUYE

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Who in the world do these people think they are by unauthorized charges and how in the "H" do they get the credit card numbers...I've googled the company and found that they are doing this frequently to anyone they feel like...I assume that they are pirated from another merchant whom you've purchased something from...I will file a formal complaint to the proper authorities about this if necessary...The only item that was purchased on the same day as charge were from the company SHAMWOW and if I find that it was them, shame on them...

Shamwow - Sham Wow

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All I got from this Site was the run around.I tried to cancel on their website as well as the phone.

The rep said he couldn't find me in the system to cancel the order, even with the ID number. The rep said he would post a cancellation after putting my name in. How could you not find my name in the system and then have it arrive a month later, to me this sounds like a scam. I have the right to cancel if I choose to do so.

Today I received it in the mail. What a joke. Now I will be sending it back! It is time consuming to go do this.

I followed the procedure according to the terms and conditions and this is what I got.

Dishonesty on their part.I will not recommend this product nor will I suggest anyone order from this site.

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Wow!what a sham!

On the raucous, fast-talking, a carnival-barker soaks up some coke from a piece of carpet using the ShamWow. It works! It's a miracle!

Of course, when you pay your $9.95 plus $19.95 shipping and handling to get it at your house, you'd better use it to soak coke out of a piece of carpet, because if you use it for any other reason, it's no more absorbent than a paper towel.Don't waste your money.

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